Doing What I Love
February 18, 2011
How Do You Transition From a JOB to Self Employment
February 28, 2011

Doing What You Love, When You Want …

Lifestyle Design is basically doing what you love!  But let’s be honest, whatever you do must empower you and enable you to live the lifestyle you want.  You have to take action … thoughts without action are just day dreams.

Though Lifestyle Design isn’t a new term or belief, but Tim Ferriss is responsible for bringing mass attention to the term with his 2007 best selling book, 4 Hour Work Week.  In this book he describes a way of living a “new rich lifestyle” whereby you can live anywhere in the world using currency arbitrage to live life like a millionaire.

Most everyone on the planet wants to be a millionaire or even a billionaire, but when it comes right down to it … what most people truly want is the lifestyle that having the money would afford.

In comes the “new rich lifestyle“.

How do you live the New Rich Lifestyle?

The short answer is Lifestyle Design … but before we get to this let’s examine what most of us were raised to belief.

Traditional beliefs tell us that we need to follow a life path similar to …

  • Go to college for 4-8 years
  • Get a good 9-5 job
  • Get Married and have kids
  • Work 30-60 years
  • Retire at age 65-70 (if you are lucky)
  • Spend your golden years traveling, playing golf, etc… (doing what you want – if you are lucky)

But just in case you have been living under a rock, this traditional belief system hasn’t really been working out for many people.  In fact most seniors that I know are still working jobs, and barely getting by on small fixed incomes.  The downtown in the economy and recent stock market crash most definitely made the situation a lot worse for millions of people, but these things happen.

So unless you are immune to these kinds of unforeseen circumstances, you may want to start thinking about Lifestyle Design.

When I realized that I am not immune to life’s circumstances I began thinking about what kind of life I want for myself and my family.  I came up with my 4 core values:

  1. Family
  2. Results
  3. Simplicity
  4. Profitability

The next step in Lifestyle Design was to actually begin designing my life.  This was really the toughest part of the entire process.  Here are a few questions that I found helpful in visualizing my new rich lifestyle, you may too.

  • What would I do if I could do anything?
  • What is most important to me and why is it important?
  • What is best for my family and why is it best?
  • How can I maximize my quality of life?
  • Where would I live if I could live anywhere and why would I want to live there?
  • How important are material things?
  • What is keeping me from doing these things

Now, the fun part …

Design a business or businesses to afford me the new rich lifestyle.

Stay tuned for part-2 … I will share the very steps I am going through to design my businesses.  I will share the ones that failed testing and the ones that are working very well to this day.

What does your new rich lifestyle look like?