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January 6, 2012
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January 9, 2012

Coaching Realtors & Small Business owners has taught me so much!

Early on in my consulting career I learned that if I can teach people about having confidence, positive language and mindset rather than giving them canned responses & scripts they would reach higher levels of success.

Most Realtors & Business owners I speak with are defeating themselves before they even get out of the starting gate and this makes me sad …

… so that’s what this post is all about: the mindset you need to have if you want to succeed in business today.


Some may call it Posture, which I’ve heard defined as “a genuine enthusiastic confidence and belief in your business”  Tony Robbins would probably call it “your state”.  Regardless of what you call it, I believe it all comes down to your confidence.

The more I learn from watching and interacting with people I have come to believe Confidence is one of the most important characteristics you can have.  Before I make a phone call or go into a meeting, I put myself through a simple mindset exercise: where I remind myself that I know what I am talking about, sometimes I use “I am  (fill in the blank )” statements to boost my confidence and as Tony Robbins would say “Change My State”.


Sometimes knowing what not to say is more important than knowing what to say.  Language may be the most powerful tool we have and so many people just use self defeating language and they aren’t even aware of it.  A few examples of words or phrases you shouldn’t use:

  • I can’t ( fill in the blank )
  • I dont know how to do that
  • I am not good at that

So many people I meet have terrible language, just this afternoon I got a couple of emails from a past client asking me if Wufoo (a online form builder) was reliable (I recommended they use it to create a form on their blog).  When I replied “Yes I believe they are, why do you ask?”  She said well we have just gotten like 50 requests for our famous neighborhood calendar in less than an hour.

I asked her if that was a problem, she said yes it was because the people she had been able to reach by phone lived out of state.  About 45 min later she emailed me again to say she had figured out what happened … another website linked out to her blog page, she went on to say that she called this site and demanded the remove the link.  She didn’t stop there, she proceeded to take down the web form on her site.

Her email went on to say something about “well if we were licensed in other states this would be great” ~ let me show you how her language could be better (and probably more profitable).

She could have made a choice to see the positive and treat these 50 “leads” just like they lived in her farm area and refer them out to local agents where the opportunity existed.  Who knows, possibly she could have earned some referral money from out of area agents.

I replied to here email with this “I will be happy to take the leads if you don’t want them”


In the end, I think it boils down to your belief in yourself.  Nothing applies to your business more than belief – belief in yourself, belief in your products & belief in your business.

When your fear of not taking action becomes greater than your fear of taking action, that’s when you’ll be able to clearly define your why with a “no matter what” resolve.

What I mean is when you get to the point where you ponder what your life is going to be like 5, 10, 20 years and it’s a lot more frightening than picking up the phone and asking someone to meet with you, that’s when you’ll have the resolve to achieve any goal you desire.