60 Days to $10,000 a Month Recurring Income – Freedom Lifestyle Challenge

7 Critical Business Building Activities
January 11, 2012
End of Day Report – Day 1
November 12, 2012

My Road to Financial Freedom

Q:  What is this post all about?

A:  This post is about sharing my story of my pursuit to financial freedom.  I am choosing to share it at this very time because I find myself at a critical juncture in the pursuit to financial freedom and most success stories are shared only after they have succeeded … offering little inspiration or guidance to those of us on our own pursuit.

My hope is that this post will inspire you to follow your passion and create the lifestyle you dream of, the lifestyle you deserve!

I have been an Entrepreneur for most of my life, but the past 4 years have been a bit different … the past 4 years I have been focused on learning how to create a Internet Lifestyle.

What is a Internet Lifestyle?

Internet Lifestyle means having the ability to create income directly from the internet: creating, marketing and selling products online. Having a global customer base and being able to work from anywhere you have Internet access.  Often times it even means being able to outsource a great majority of your business tasks.

The problem is, creating a Internet Lifestyle is not that easy.  It is nearly impossible to find someone to mentor you.  Most of the top Internet Marketers keep to themselves and others charge $10K – $50K to join their mentor program … so figuring this business model out is difficult!  Besides who really has that kind of money – nobody when they are just starting out.

Making it even more difficult … this business is very isolated, you typically find yourself working alone most of the time!

If you know me or have read any of my stuff over the last few years you know that I am committed to Freedom Lifestyle Design: “designing a lifestyle you choose!  

In 2009 I co-founded a membership site to teach Realtors how to use WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  After 2.5 years I walked away from this project to focus on creating my own products to teach people what I had learned about Internet Marketing, it was at that time I chose to commit all my energy to developing a sustainable income source from online marketing.

Phase 1 of creating my Internet Lifestyle has been to create products to help others Escape their Job Life.  It’s time to move into Phase 2 … thus my reason for writing this post.

I want to use crowd sourced accountability to help me fast track this phase.
***I will let you into a little secret … (this will also be converted to a product that I will soon offer for sale)

So let’s just get right to it.

I have a sixty (60) day plan to create a brand new online project that creates $10K + in recurring income.  To increase my odds of succeeding I will post my plan of action with milestones here.  I will then follow up with a daily post to share my results.  I hope by doing this I will inspire you to take more action in your own life and that you will leave encouraging comments for me here.

Goal = To Create $10,000 Recurring Monthly Income in the next 60 days (Nov. 12 – Jan 12)

How will I achieve this?

Step 1 – setup and launch a new online directory / advertisement site:  www.SanDiegoHotelsAndRestaurants.com

Step 2 – get 500 new customers (hotels & restaurants) @ $25 per month = $12,500

Additionally there will be income generated from

–> up-sells on site
–> consulting  services

Week #1 Activities

Stay tuned ….