End of Day Report – Day 31
December 11, 2012
Is Your Business Making This Mistake?
February 25, 2013

They don’t hustle!

Here is my assessment of why most people (myself included the past few years) don’t hustle … most people don’t want to do what it takes to succeed!

Everyday I Hustle

The question is WHY?

The only real answer I have come up with is, most of us simply don’t really want to do what we are doing!  In other words, we don’t really LOVE what it is we are doing for work.  We are not passionate about it.

Because let’s be honest, success requires a tremendous amount of hard work!  Not only hard work, but often times it is going to require a lot of work that we don’t enjoy: ie.  Travel, Long Hours, Networking Events, Computer Work, Accounting, Marketing, Etc….

The difference is this … when you are absolutely passionate and committed to something you will happily do shit you don’t like doing, or you will find a way to get it done by being resourceful.  When you are not passionate or committed you will find excuses not to get it done (period)

So … if you aren’t currently achieving the level of success you want in business, then I encourage you to go through a self discovery process.  This is exactly what I did over the Holidays.  I spent hours …

  • asking myself what I wanted to spend my days doing
  • talking with my wife
  • asking myself “why?”  over and over about every possible scenario
  • mapping out each possible scenario: all tasks that would need to be done to be successful
  • thinking about what fulfills me
  • thinking about how I could provide maximum value to the most amount of people
  • thinking about what type of person I want to spend my time with
  • getting clear on my business & personal goals
  • eliminating all tasks, projects & relationships that are not helping me move forward

At the end of the day my personal discovery was this …

I have spent countless hours doing stuff and talking to people that were not aligned with my “real” interests or values.  I also came to understand that if you stand any chance at long term success, your offering must have a extreme pain to disconnect.

Not sure what “Pain to Disconnect” is?

Pain to Disconnect is when we find value in something and become dependent on having it: it either entertains us, helps us grow our business or educates us so we really hate to give it up. In fact we do everything possible to keep it.

Some Common Examples:

  • television
  • internet
  • car payment
  • cell phone
  • rent payment / mortgage payment

The BIG takeaway is this … you must provide a service that requires monthly fees! This is the only way you can ensure recurring revenue for your business