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April 22, 2013
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April 24, 2013

The Online Product Funnel is …

… a very complex puzzle with many different pieces, and somewhat complicated to put together for the newbie.

Before I go to far into this, let me say that most people will tell you, as they have told me for years, that the product funnel is really nothing more than a good Landing/Squeeze page and Sales Page with an automated email follow up sequence.

LOL!!!  What a freaking joke!

Now it has taken me a couple of years to really figure it out, primarily because Internet Marketing (unlike traditional employment) there is nobody motivated to share their knowledge with you … unless of course you are lucky enough to know a top marketer and then have the money to hire them privately to teach you the ropes!  *This was not the case for me 🙁

I also want to clarify that a product funnel is relevant and necessary for any type of business, they are NOT exclusive to the “make money online by teaching others how to make money niche”.

A good product funnel can do many great things for your business:

  • leverage your knowledge & time
  • automate your prospect follow up
  • automate some or all of your sales process
  • deliver a consistent message and experience to prospects & customers

Furthermore, products are a great way to exponentially increase your brand credibility and profits.

Without a well crafted product funnel your profits will suffer, tremendously!

Ok enough of the rant, let me give you a couple examples of what different product funnels might look like.  CAUTION – a good product funnel will be well thought out and very specific to your business, so please don’t just copy these examples and assume you are all ready to go … 99% chance they will NOT work for you, sorry!

Basic Product Funnel

Basic Product Funnel Map

Little More Advanced Product Funnel

Product Funnel Map

Ok those are 2 very basic funnel maps for you … now I want to draw your attention to some specific elements that can make or break the success of the product.

First I want you to know that a well thought out funnel could easily be x10 fold the example above … meaning it could have many more steps to it and each individual step could and probably should have several elements to it.

Now I want to share a really powerful insight with you, someone shared it with me just last week … so you could say this one nugget is a 4 year time machine for you.

Don’t Argue With Realty, Seek To Understand It

What this means is don’t hesitate or wait to build out  your product funnels, take action and seek to understand what is happening as it is happening, THEN with the knowledge you gain continue building out the funnel.

I mentioned some specific elements that can make or break your funnel success, here there are:

  1. The “copy” on the Landing/Squeeze page – all written or video or a combination
  2. The graphic design (background & product image) on Landing/Squeeze page
  3. The email copy in the follow up sequence.  *TIP – each sequence should drive the reader to a GOAL / OBJECTIVE
  4. Thank you page – *TIP -this is prime real estate: consider a video of you personally thanking them, linking to related affiliate products
  5. The “copy” on the Sales page
  6. The conversions on each individual step … see previous post
  7. You MUST segment your contacts (buy or not buy), then tailor the follow email marketing messages to them in the nurture sequences

If you have been thinking about setting up a product funnel online or currently have one that is not working, here is my simplest advice for you …

… sit down with pen and paper or with a big ass whiteboard (my personal favorite) and start mapping out your funnel.  You want to think details, you want to think systems & processes related to the specific stage that the contact might be in (lead, follow up, fact gathering, buying stage, etc…).

Then once you have it mapped out, I recommend you setup the landing/squeeze page so you can immediately begin building your list and then finish writing out all of the copy that is needed for all other pages and emails.

Still confused, frustrated or overwhelmed?  No problem … I am happy to jump on Skype with you and do a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, screen share with you to help you map out your product funnel.