Is it time for a Garage Sale Strategy

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April 23, 2013
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April 25, 2013

I need money now!

This is one of the most common statements I hear from people.  So I decided to share a simple strategy with you … I call it the Garage Sale Theory.

The Garage Sale Strategy

I have a few other names, but “Garage Sale Strategy” seems logical and is something that almost everyone in the world can understand, because you have either had a garage sale yourself or been to one at sometime.  People tend to hold Garage Sales when they are moving OR when they need to raise some quick cash … the online equivalent would be selling your shit off on Craigslist or Ebay.

Of course the problem with selling stuff in a real garage sale, craigslist or ebay is you are most likely selling old unwanted stuff for pennies on the dollar 🙁  Not to mention, once you have sold it you are out of business … neither being a great outcome for a business.

I want you to think about something …

What products, system or intellectual property do you have lying around the office or inside your head?  We are living in the information age and selling information online is HUGE!  For the past 2 years I have helped countless clients implement this strategy, each getting exceptional results.  But the funny part is that each one started off telling me they had no products, systems or intellectual property to sell … so before you eliminate the possibility for yourself, take some time to think about what you have or know.

A wise person once told me …

“the smallest piece of information you know is extremely valuable to someone who wants to know it”

Not unlike those people who buy old junk then rehab it with new paint or fabric before they turn around and sell it for 10 times what they paid, you may need to re-Package, re-Purpose and re-Position your stuff.  But I assure you, you have plenty of great information and there are plenty of people waiting to purchase it from you.

Let me give you a very well known example of this strategy, one that I am positive you have witnessed before (unless you haven’t watched TV in the past 10 years or been to a large retail store like Best Buy, Walmart, Fry’s, Target, etc…

The Fitness Workout DVD

Once upon a time some fitness trainer got wise and decided to record his/her fitness workout routine and then sell it to the masses.  Doing so allowed him/her to rapidly expand their personal brand and drastically increase incomes.  SMART!!!!

You see, this allowed the fitness trainer to do a couple of really smart & powerful things:

  1. Stop relying exclusively on trading his/her time for money
  2. Go from a Local to Global Business

Both result in more TIME & MONEY FREEDOM!

Want more information on this strategy and how you can implement it right now in your business to boost incomes?  If so, fill out the form below and I will get in touch to schedule a FREE, NO OBLIGATION phone call with you to outline a the quickest path to profits for you.