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April 24, 2013
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What kind of products can you sell successfully online?

The short answer is … you can sell just about anything you can think of online.  In the words of my first mentor, “the product does NOT matter”  While there is some truth to this, it isn’t entirely accurate.  It is really more incomplete and misleading than not true.

Let me try to explain … 

Yes it is true that you can sell just about any product online regardless of what it is.  I mean you can find someone to buy just about anything, after all there more than 2 Billion people on the Internet … but the question should be “What kind of products can I sell enough of online to build a full time, sustainable & predictable, income”?

In my opinion and experience, the best answer is “information products”!  Now this is obviously a very broad statement and covers a ton of possible ideas, so let me give you some more specific examples to help you.

One more thing … before we talk product ideas, I want you to understand what I call the 6 levels of the product funnel framework.  Not knowing this cost me big!  I can “regretfully” tell you that the cost of not knowing and implementing this in my own business probably cost me well into 6 figures of lost money and time 🙁  #depressing

The 6 levels of the product funnel framework:

  1. Freebies “used to attract leads”
  2. Entry Level Products “these can range from $7 – $50”
  3. Membership / Continuity Programs  *in my opinion this is the most important one to focus on & one I just began implementing “
  4. Moderately Priced Products “these can range from a $200 – $1000”
  5. Live Events “typically in-person, but can also be online in some instances”
  6. High Paid Consulting / Advising / Coaching “keep this price high because it requires you trade time for money

Now let’s talk specific products and how you can start selling them and making money online

Information Products – these are just like they sound, information!  Products that can be downloaded directly from the web, think digital!  Basically anything you know about can be made into a Information Product.  There are a few different formats:

  • eBooks
  • DVD’s
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Reports
  • PDF’s
  • How To Guides, etc…

I can safely tell you that selling information products is the absolute best and most profitable type of product to sell … No Questions!  The downside (if there is one) is that creating a quality product takes time and requires some money … but the profits are 100% and instantly payable to you!

Affiliate Products – this may be the easiest strategy for someone just starting out, but should make it clear that almost every online marketer earns a very nice living from their base of affiliate products.  Finding good affiliate products can be overwhelming for a few reasons:

  • there is no shortage of affiliate products to choose from
  • who do you trust (ie. will they really pay you, does their product really do what it says, etc…)
  • is the product a good selling product
  • how do you find affiliate products to sell
  • can you negotiate an affiliate deal with a company that may not have an affiliate program setup

Those are a few of the more common causes of overwhelm and frustration.  One quick example, I was marketing and selling a particular product from the company direct (it was great), but then saw a very well known affiliate marketplace promoting the same product from the same company at double the commission, so my biz partner and I decided to move to their affiliate program to continue selling the product.  We ultimately got screwed out of nearly $8,000 in commissions 🙁  Unfortunately this is not my only story like this, so believe me it happens!

Tangible Products – this should be self explanatory … anything that would require you to ship the product.

  • Clothing 
  • Books & DVD’s
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture

Just to name a few – certainly there are probably dozens or hundreds of tangible products

White Label Products –  if you aren’t familiar with “white label”, it simply means that certain companies create products, both digital and tangible, that they allow you to strip their labeling and print your own labels on … thus making it your product 😉

If you would like help understanding what kinds of products you could create or sell via an affiliate product please use the form below to get in touch with me.  Over the past few years I have developed a relatively simple system to create info products quickly and inexpensively … I’ll be happy to share it with you when we talk.

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