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January 9, 2014
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January 28, 2014

One small ingredient makes a HUGE difference …

As many people do, my wife makes Pumpkin Pie around Thanksgiving … and after some begging I got her to make another one after Christmas, normally her pumpkin pies are amazing!  But this time she somehow forgot to add sugar.  The pie looked normal, smelled normal, but definitely did not taste normal ~yuck!!!

How much of your business looks normal and seemingly acts normal, but is failing to perform like it should?

If this describes your business, I want you to learn two short phrases that have the potential to change your business forever.

  1. Growth Hacking
  2. Tiny Hinges

Let me explain why these terms are 100% relevant to your business right now, today!

Every one of our businesses has important metrics, many of which are the exact same for all of us ; for example …

Website – I bet you have a website and assuming I am correct, you absolutely should be measuring the following “basic” analytics/metrics:

  • Traffic Sources: which keywords are bringing you qualified visitors?  which websites are referring you qualified visitors?
  • Onsite Pages: which pages have high bounce rates?  which pages are capturing the most leads?  what parts of the site are engaging vs’ being ignored by your visitors

Email – I bet you are collecting emails from prospects, customers & clients, but do you really have a strategic email marketing plan to engage, build trust, and monetize?  After speaking with hundreds of business owners over the past couple of years I have experienced nearly 100% of you have no real plan for email marketing.

Quick Case Study Example for you … *implement this simple strategy in your business today!

Example Scenario:   email #1 sent …  will always have 3 segments:

  • not opened
  • opened
  • clicked

While most if not all of the businesses I speak with simple stop here.  The more motivated ones actually send a follow up email or two to their entire list; unfortunately, none of them are sending three different emails to each of the three segments.

In other words, you want to send those who didn’t open the email another version of the first email, those who opened but did not click, you want to send them another email to see if you can get them to engage / click.  And those that clicked but did not purchase, you want to send them another email to see if you can get them to convert the sale.

Over the past couple of years I have walked private consulting clients through this and each of them witnessed an increase in sales immediately.

Here’s why … those that didn’t open the first time never saw your email / offer, so resending it almost always catches the eye or attention of a new reader.

Sales – I bet your business depends on sales, right?  And all sales have some sort of sales flow … new lead, cold lead, warm lead, hot lead, etc… How are you tracking this process?  Where are most of your sales dropping off; in other words, where can you improve conversions?  What would your business look like if you were to improve conversions by 5%, 10%, 20% or more?

Now there are most likely other key areas in your business that will require you to monitor what is happening … think of each area as your “pumpkin pie” and each pie requires a “recipe (aka. “your marketing & sales funnels”) and each recipe requires ingredients (aka. “the metrics/conversion points”) that you must measure, test and continually tweak if you wish to optimize your business and profits.

Sometimes I find business owners are actually monitoring key metrics, but they just don’t know how to adjust / tweak / make changes to them.  Then there are those that aren’t even aware of this concept … which best describes you?

Ok so back to the short phrases I mentioned … as Andrew Chen writes, Growth Hacker is the new VP of Marketing.  You can read more about Growth Hacking here.

“Tiny Hinges” is a phrase I heard from Ryan Deiss, one of the smartest online marketers you will ever meet.  He commented that “tiny hinges swing very big doors” … I can promise you this much, your business absolutely has a few tiny hinges missing and when you install them great things can happen for your business.

Want to know more about how Growth Hacking and Tiny Hinges can help you grow your business and revenues fast?

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